Wednesday, April 5, 2023

June Realty....

As  they say in the world of the internet...
I did a thing!!!

For many months, I've known that my previous brokerage just wasn't the right fit for me. Everyone there is awesome. I can't thank Nathan and Jamie Clark, their staff, and all of my fellow realtors enough for their friendship and guidance since I've been there. They run an awesome program. It just was never "me".  I needed to find a  brokerage with a vision and mission that better aligned with my own way of serving clients. 

June Realty is exactly that fit. Mike Pereira was one of my very first mentors when I became a realtor. I always admired Mike, and the way he prioritized integrity and professionalism. He has become a powerhouse of a realtor, proving that nice guys can also get the job done like no one else! I am thrilled to be working with him, and the other realtors who share the amazing work ethics and service values every client deserves. I am so grateful  and excited to work with this amazing group of realtors. Feels like home!

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