Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Trust In The Network

I get it. I was there just a few years ago. Buying a house. Not savvy about real estate. Not trusting the guys in suits who have all of my life story and financial information in their hands. And what's with this "online signature" stuff? When our realtor suggested we use "his" network for mortgage writing, closing lawyer, inspection, etc. it all felt like a monopoly to me.  Besides, we had started the entire process getting our financing in order, and already had a mortgage writer before ever working with a realtor.  We couldn't be disloyal to him at that point.  And I'm glad we weren't.  He was amazing, and we have worked together on many transactions after I became a realtor.  But, that's another story. 

Fast forward a year. I got my real estate license, and I began working on a team. That team is surrounded by a larger team of expert professionals who are ROCK STARS in their fields. This network of professionals has been built through common expertise, dedication, and integrity. These individuals work tirelessly to face and conquer every challenge and hurdle which inevitably occurs in a real estate transaction so that the client has the smoothest experience possible.  When I tell you that I have called mortgage writers and lawyers at all hours, weekends, and even when they are on vacation, that is neither an exaggeration, nor a unique instance. And they know they can expect the same from me. *Now... just in case you're worried.... Of course we all have a team within our profession who has our back when we are "unplugged". And there are times when we're not available. It's all good. But when there's a pinch, we all know the other person would not be calling if it wasn't an emergency. I have had mortgage writers and lawyers within our network save an entire transaction, even when it was not their client and they made ZERO money on the time and assistance they gave my client.  Yes. Really. 

That's why realtors work within a built and trusted network. There is no sorcery of draining anyone's account or stealing anyone's identity. We do this job EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Our #1 concern is the best interest of the client. I have told clients that a house is too much work for the amount they have to invest. I have suggested to clients that they wait until they have more stability to buy. I once had a seller under contract who was under so much stress with health issues, that I told them I thought they should wait to sell until the timing was better. It's not about the money.  Of course, we are working hard to make a living, but we have enough clients to be able to never pressure anyone to buy or sell. 

I have had clients who desperately wanted a particular house. On the weekend. With a deadline of Monday morning. In an incredibly competitive seller's market. They needed their pre-approval letter updated.  Their lender did not work weekends. Ours does. 

I had a client earlier this year who was assured of her loan status by a lender she was using, outside of our network. We had the letters in hand. We had the verbal communications, and emailed guarantees. After months of waiting for the closing, communication from the loan agent slowed to a stop. I realized he had made promises he couldn't keep. Now, my client and the wonderful (and patient) client and realtor on the selling side were all about to be devastated. I called a friend. Yes, the same mortgage writer who helped us buy our house.  It turned out that my client's situation was something he could not assist with. But he knew a lender who worked with situations like hers. He called the other lender. In days, that lender had everything worked out that the original lender had abandoned. My client signed her closing within weeks. 

Another time, it was a lawyer, who my client was adamant about using.  He told her he was a real estate lawyer. But, he wasn't.  There is a difference between "can do" and specializing. There were so many issues, the entire deal could have fallen through any number of cracks, and my client would have lost out big. I called a lawyer in our network. We were on the phone for over an hour working through every little detail. By the end of the call, and subsequent calls to the other realtor, and our clients, everything was ironed out; at no financial benefit to that lawyer. Similar scenarios have happened multiple times with various lawyers within our network. They are amazing. 

THIS is my #1 reason why I wish every client trusted in the network. IT WORKS. And it works for you. Having built strong work relationships, we can count on each other to go the extra mile. And going the extra mile is what the Nathan Clark Team is all about. I'm proud to work with this team, and the larger network of professionals we have built around us.  The reason we can do as much as we do for our clients is because behind the scenes is a well-oiled machine of professionals working together; each focused on their specialty to make the magic happen. We all go the extra mile so that our clients have the most stress-free journey towards buying or selling their home. 

Trust in the Network.  

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